Thursday, March 31, 2022

Watching deer never gets old


Just for perspective, the area where the grass is higher is only about 40 feet from the back of our house.

 There’s a reason why these three deer are looking toward the house.  They have enjoyed some nice meals of corn this winter.  But, with the warm weather, their gravy train has ended.  Obviously, the yearling in front is losing her winter coat. Still, they look good coming out of the winter. 

There are plenty of coyotes around which might be why Brutus and Jojo don't seem to bother them when they are here.

On a moonlit night we might even see some hanging around the windbreak.  Then there is this!


Unknown said...

Love your blogg's. So good to see you back on, love the pictures and stories. Hope your travels are going well and got to spend some time with your grandson. Safe fun travels.........Linda

Paul Lamb said...

Children of all species, really.