Sunday, July 12, 2020

Fish Pond

Most evenings when we are home, Dan heads to the pond to feed the fish.   All he has to do is rev up his ATV engine and the cat fish come swimming to him.  I think I read someplace that fish can feel vibrations--can fish actually hear?  

Last evening was a clear, wind free evening.  It was time to finally get up my nerve to fly the DJI Phanton 4 drone owned by our neighbors.  They sent it home with me several weeks ago telling me to fly it just for fun.  Compared to my tiny DJI Mavic Mini, this drone is huge.  It went well.  I could tell by the quality of the camera footage, this is definitely a higher end drone.  It was also very responsive, so I apologize for the jerkiness.  On the downside, it is also loud--no stealthiness when flying this one.  

Still trying to make these videos interesting.  At two minutes, there is a fine line between seeing drone footage as interesting or boring.