Thursday, June 25, 2020

Clinton Kansas Fox Family

As many of you know, the town of Clinton sits on a peninsula on Clinton Lake near Lawrence.  For several years, among the houses on the three short streets, a family of foxes thrive.  They move between the residents, playing, scavenging, and in some cases causing havoc.

Our friend, Irma invited us to come over for coffee and watch them play at a new six-inch driveway tube she and Ron installed.  Here are a couple things to watch for in the video.  At least one of the fox gets entirely inside the tube--remember only six-inch--which demonstrates how easily one could penetrate a chicken pen. Irma said she saw one of them emerge face first which means it came entirely through the tube!

Watch for momma arriving with some sort of food and one of the youngsters rushes over and grabs it and immediately it's gone.  No wonder she looks thin and haggard.

Last year we were driving through town and felt like we might have hit one of the tiny babies on the road.  We were never sure because it ran off the road.  There is a lot of traffic headed to the lake so probably it happens each year. 

This video is two minutes--a bit longer.  I'm learning each time I edit videos.  I think this one might be a bit better but still not as good as I would like.  If you have the internet ability, watch it in HD. 

Monday, June 22, 2020

Will the Real Susan Stand Up

We've lived here in this pasture for 42 years and I'm not sure we've ever seen a crop of Blackeyed Susans as this year.  We wonder if it was the unusually wet summer last year.  The pasture is beautiful but hard to get a picture.  I'm not real happy with this video.  I tried three different times, but the tiny flowers are hard to capture.