Friday, April 03, 2020

This and That

The reason the bear was peeking over the sleeping bags in our livingroom a few posts back is because we removed just about everything in the RV for the remodel. All that gear ended up in the house longer than we thought. Finally the RV is finished as of yesterday.

We still have our old jack knife bed from the camper in the basement. (We would make someone a good deal) It is in good shape, although it probably could use new padding. A jack knife bed is a sofa. Then electrically via a small motor,  it lowers into a bed. It actually is a cool concept and there would be some who would wonder why we took it out. I hope we didn't make a mistake. Although we took the PW to Wichita for Adam's bowling tournament and were pleased with how our remodel worked out even though it wasn't finished.

I wrote about the new curtains. Here is a picture. I think they turned out well. The old drapes covered half the windows even when they were up. With these, the entire window will be open when they are removed.

The garden is in awesome shape. Dan used an old disk plow late last fall. Then, last week he ran over and around the area with a harrow. One problem, no seeds! I am going to call a nursery and see if we can do a drive by order to pickup seeds. After this cold spell, it will definitely be time to get the cool weather crops in the ground.  I like lettuce and spinach. I might plant four or five hills of potatoes.

I spent the day working on clearing off my desk. It isn't finished, but I can see a plan coming together.  I scanned in another batch of pre digital pictures. I usually do that when I'm putting off filing etc at my desk. I'll end with two pictures that make me shake my head. Talking about dangerous--the kids rode these three wheel ATVs all around our place and down in the valley. When these pictures were taken in the 1980's, the Wildlife and Parks allowed ATV riding in the valley--at least they didn't say anything to the kids. No helmet--I don't know what we were thinking.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Burn Baby Burn

Of course I'm talking about our annual pasture burn. 

Maybe everyone knew this but me, but Burn Baby Burn is a 1976 Disco song by the Trammps. It is familiar, but in 1976 I was listening to country.

We might be burning a little at a time this year because our neighbor who usually helps is busy with calving and planting.   Here is our first small area where Dan wants to work on clearing some brush where he removed a tree last fall.  The grass is nice in this area and we need to get it cleaned up so it can be put up.  The pasture still wet from recent rains so I felt like it went well.  Pasture fires are worrisome to me.

They are burning all over the valley now.   This afternoon there was a burn directly south of us.  We watched as the heat and smoke appeared to make an actual cloud.

It continued to keep it's form for a long time.  We have never seen something like that before.