Thursday, November 26, 2020

Life Rings

We purchased and built where we live now in 1977/1978. The trees around the front of our home were planted around that time. We lost one to a lightening strike. Other than that, they have thrived for 40 plus years. We ordered most of the trees as saplings from the County Extension Office. However, the tree in this video was given to us by Paul and Irene Hoffsommer. They had a little tree farm in their back yard and gifted us this pine for our windbreak. Now, one by one, these Austrian pine trees are dying from disease. However, they continue to serve as we cut and split their wood for heating in our stove. When they are all gone, I am saddened I will no longer hear the wind whistle through their big branches or watch Mockingbirds use the very tippy top for their stage.

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Anonymous said...

It must be a sad event, losing a tree like that. I’ve never lived in a place long enough to see a tree go through a complete life cycle, but I imagine it would be a bit like losing an old friend.