Friday, October 25, 2019

More Than A Test

I don’t know if I should be flattered, apologize or explain, but I’ve had family and friends wonder what is going on that I’ve not made an appearance here. 

So, I’ll explain.

There’s one huge reason, but I’ll leave that to last. 

This summer has been a wet one here in Kansas.  With these rains, the garden flourished and the flower beds grew weeds.  Not much of an excuse, but working outside is best done in the evenings.  That way, a hot shower immediately washes off ticks and/or poison ivy and helps sore muscles.  By the time I sat down here at my computer, I would find myself slumped over dozing.  

Second, we have been busy with our calendar.  We’ve gotten in the habit of eating tacos one evening each week.  I’ve cooked a lot for guests here and taken there.  We’ve enjoyed having Kim, Marc, Aaron, Adam and Evan close by again, so we stop by there and hang out.  Doug, Drue, Trent and Carly have made the trip back from Colorado two times and we’ve gone there as well. 

The biggest reason, though, for being a slacker on my blog is a Netflix program called  Heartland, a Canadian series produced and filmed in the beautiful area near Calgary.    There are now eleven seasons available to watch.  Each season has eighteen 45 minute episodes, we are on season five.  We both love this show so it is best watched when we  sit down in the evenings. 

Heartland might not be for everyone.  First, it is rated PG.    This series shows very little bloody violence, although animals—mainly horses—are the central storyline and there is plenty suggested.  There is a strong love theme throughout with family bonds, struggles and characters finding their life partners.  Heartland Ranch helps troubled horses and people who have struggles of their own, often young.    Amy, a young lady who was high school age when the show started is a sort of “horse whisperer.”  Her work with horses often with help are the central theme of the stories.  

So,  I mentioned we are on season five.  I hate to admit this, but the evenings when I usually come into my office and sit down to write about what we’ve been doing have been taken up by a television show.  Truthfully,  I am going to have to set aside an hour in the mornings to work here in the office.  It’s not only my blog that’s suffered but I look at my desk and see a lot more. 

I do have a lot to write about and it is all laying out in a pile so it won’t be out of site, out of mind.  We took a two plus week roadtrip in September to the “Grand Circle”of National Parks in Utah.  I’ve got some great pictures and observations.  They are coming.