Friday, July 12, 2019

2019 4th of July

The 4th of July this year was set as a goal for the completion of Kim and Marc's remodel project on their home. We all have looked forward to the celebration for a long time, but for them it was especially important.   Remodeling can be tedious at best and downright aggravating at worst.  So, having the 4th deadline was good for them in a way, but also stressful.

The good news is they were able to nearly complete everything they set out to do.  And we all had a wonderful time.

A highlight of the weekend was the many young people who came and went.  They have a way of having fun that filters down to everyone.  Aaron invited two friends from North Carolina to visit for a week.  Doug, Drue, Trent and Carly came from Colorado.  There were friends and friends of friends, so at any time we had up to 14 young people.   As you can imagine with all the water play, food and a lot of it was consumed.

Most of the activity centered around Kim and Marc's home on Lake Jivaro.  Everyone came out to our house on the evening of the 4th for a meal, fire and shooting off of some fireworks.  There are beautiful fireworks available now. And, even in the heat of the summer, there is a warmth around a fire that is beyond the flames.  For some reason, the camera just didn't come out that evening.  I didn't see anyone else taking pictures either.  Even though I like to have documentation, it was nice that everyone had their cameras and electronics put away.

On the 5th of July, the Lake had a fireworks display.  We enjoyed more visitors, including parents and relatives.  A highlight of the day was the boat parade.  Carly worked hard trying to get the decorations to stay on the damp boat.  If there had been a prize, we would have won.

As can be seen by the Smug Mug pictures, I captured plenty of lake pictures.  .   Click here and scroll down if you would like to see our weekend.