Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Clinton Lake

Picture from Clinton Lake US Army Corps of Engineers web site
Clinton Lake has broke a new record.  Here is the article from the Clinton Corps of Engineers web site:
"We are receiving daily calls and messages asking about the status of our boat ramps and beaches. Please see the below photo to understand better why we are unable to open these facilities for you. This is the Bloomington East peninsula, and that yellow line you see in the water is our beach boundary buoy. The lake is currently at elevation 896.87' above mean sea level. Normal elevation is 875.5', and our previous high water record was 892.46', which was measured in 1995. These are unprecedented times for Clinton Lake. Please understand that we are doing what we can to provide you with a quality recreation experience as we also juggle the lake's main priority, controlling downstream flooding.”
We are continuing to see rising waters on the upper part of the Lake as well.  A person we know called the Corps office to see if the water was safe to kayak or canoe.  They said all the pit bathrooms were cleaned out and the others were shut off before the water covered them.  That is good to know.