Monday, June 03, 2019

Wakarusa River

Just as Kansans all over the state are keeping an eye on their Corps of Engineer lakes,  we are making regular trips the six miles or so over to our Clinton Lake.  Locals who know say it is the highest its ever been and we agree.   Not only is the swimming beach under water, but the bathroom and shelter are mostly submerged.  The docks are unusable.  There is one one campground in the Corps Bloomington area that is completely open.  There is partial camping in the other but the bathrooms are closed.

Within a mile of us, is the Wakarusa River which is one of the feeds to Clinton Lake.  We just got back from checking the area where they have built fly away marshes.  The dikes are completely submerged. 

 This picture was taken from the top of a big hill looking south toward the river.  The view to the east was mostly obstructed by trees but the flooding looked the same. 

We considered going home and getting the canoe to check what kept splashing around down by the gate.  Probably carp having a hayday with all the new feeding.  They better get back to the river, area though.  We've seen carp stranded when the water recedes and it isn't pretty.

 Saw Mr. Turtle
giving me the evil eye. 

All should be concerned for Kansas farmers this year.  It's been a struggle planting and for many replanting.