Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Topic of the Day

Rain—how much did you receive?

How much did we receive?  The most recent was about 3 inches.  Can’t complain much about how it came down.  There was very little wind. It was not  a gully washer or toad strangler.  The trouble is the soil is saturated and most everything is running off.  Our pond is full and running out the overflow tube.  I am sure all ponds in the area are too.  That means all water is traveling down the tributaries, feeding the Wakarusa/Kaw/Missouri. 

We got the garden planted in a timely fashion this year.


The lettuce needs to be picked again.  The green beans are up enough that I am hoping they will be less susceptible to drowning.  I planted two rows of corn way down there on the east end .  There are tomatoes and green peppers down there as well.
We are trying something new this year for the cucumbers and squash.  The weeds can be so bad in among the vines so we laid down a black plastic and put pine needles on top of it.  Maybe we will help kill off  the bind weed that we struggle with each year too.

The grapes look good.  They are loaded with tiny clusters. 

Evan’s circle is looking awesome.  There are so many buds out there.