Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Second Tuesday in May

I'm sitting here in my new office chair as I write this. 
About a month ago, I was at my desk here in the office.  To my back and behind my big roll top desk, is Dan.   We sometimes spend part of our mornings reading news and evenings reading  forums and blogs, listening to podcasts, etc.  Both our chairs were cheap and uncomfortable.  I just happened to see an email from Sam's Club advertising a sale on office chairs.  After a brief discussion, I pushed the purchase key and a week later two soft leather office chairs arrived.  At first I thought the purchase was a bit extravagant, but we have enjoyed this furniture purchase as much as any we've made in a long while. 
Today I picked a large container of fresh lettuce and spinach from the garden.  While out there I cut enough asparagus for our next meal.  The green beans are up nicely and the corn is making an appearance.  So far, no rabbit or deer damage.  We better get the electric fence out, though.  It only takes a couple of deer one night of grazing  to mow off a promising garden. 

Tonight we attended Adam's Pops Concert.  It was awesome.    My favorites were "My Shot" from the play Hamilton,  Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" and "Pirates of the Caribbean:  The Curse of the Black Pearl".   The senior director, Martha Barnhill, has been an instructor in the Shawnee Hts school system for over 30 years.  She has a masters touch teaching orchestra to young people.  Her enthusiasm and encouragement shows in the numbers--44 in Symphonic Orchestra and 64 in Concert Orchestra.  Amazing for a 5A size school.

Last evening, Dan and I made a final sweep clearing limbs in a small corner of the pasture that is mostly trees.  This spring we cut down a couple dead hedge trees which required a lot of picking up branches too small to cut up for fire wood.    So far so good, no itching.  There was poison ivy all over the place but I was covered neck to toe and everything went into the washing machine when I came in the house.
We've been cutting a lot of wood this spring.  Next time I'll have a couple pictures