Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Adam is Rolling -- League Champions

Here is the picture from today's League Championship team!  Adam is next to his coach.

Adam, our Shawnee Hts High School Junior, came back from North Carolina with a love of bowling and league experience there.  I am not sure if his school there had a team.  He felt he might be competitive though.  And,  after trying out for the school bowling team,  he earned a place on the varsity team.

We came into this activity with no experience so we didn't even know if we could cheer for good performance.  We could and we have.  With the bad weather the past few weeks, the schools have had to be creative to get in all the tournaments that had to be called off.  We've seen a lot of bowling the last few days.

Adam has a unique two-hand delivery.  I tried to capture a pictures--


We are proud of his dedication and team play.  These kids are good bowlers!  We have watched two of Adam's teammates approach a 300 score.  They all bowl around 200 most of the time. 

I will say, this time of year, it is a great spectator sport.  It is warm and the games move along quickly. 

Sunday, February 10, 2019


I'm working on a post, but the Grammys lasted too late to finish.  So, to start off the week in a good mood, here you go: