Saturday, December 15, 2018

Just in Time for the Holiday Gatherings

I saw this today and immediately saved it.  If it is correct, it answers so many questions about what to call family members as we grow older and new babies are born.

Part of my problem with all of this is that I grew up in a rural farm community where it seems nearly everyone is related by blood or marriage (although that is changing in recent years).   I played with my cousin friends  when our parents visited each other usually on Friday evening.

First cousins are the easiest to identify.  My Mom's brother had five daughters and I sure did like to go visit them.  They lived out in the Flint Hills and they were the best cousins ever--lots of fun there. We were actually double related to those five cousins not only through my Mom's brother but my Dad's mom and their Mom's dad were brother and sister.  So, we were 1st cousins on my Mom's side and 1st cousins once removed on my Dad's side.   Oh, guess what--their Mom's sister married a relative of Dan so they have a 1st cousin who I think would be Dan's second cousin.

Crazy--I know.  Here's the picture that got me going on this.  Don't you feel better about knowing what to call your family members at Christmas-----or not.