Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Goodreads Book Challenge

Congratulations to me!  I met my 2018 goal to read 20 books on Goodreads.  My running list of books is over here to the left.  I encourage you to join Goodreads and, if you request,  I'll be your friend and we can compare books.

Here is a print screen of the 20 books I read this year.  (If you click on it, it will be a little bigger.)

 For some avid readers, this is not too impressive.  But, I prefer audio books and that is slower. (However, I can clean house and listen to a book)   If there is a book on here you liked, let me know in the comments.  Looking over the list,  I can't say I have a favorite.  Probably my least favorite was Titans just because it would be better read so that it could have been skimmed a little.

There are best book lists for 2018 showing up already.  I have two or three books on hold from the New York Times list.  I haven't read any on that list.  The Goodreads list is here.  I have read two of the books on the list--both by Kristin Hannah, The Great Alone and The Nightingale--a favorite author.  I also read her book, Home Front.

I love this cartoon.  So true....