Monday, November 26, 2018

Thanksgiving 2018

Did you miss my turkey under the lamp shade this year?  If so, here it is.  I don't care how many times I see this picture, I always laugh out loud.

How can a Thanksgiving be anything but great when all the family is home?    And, so it was!

I think overall I was a little more organized this year so when Drue's mother walked in the door with her traditional Mimosas, I was ready to sit down and enjoy.  Marc & Doug smoked the turkey and I had the ham warming in the roaster.  The rest fit in the oven.

Sometimes I use red handkerchiefs for napkins, which obviously were repurposed this day☺

They say eating turkey makes everyone sleepy.  I think it's more overeating.  The day was nice, though and everyone was out and about by mid afternoon.  We walked over to the big bales for pictures which are in the Smug Mug link.

There are also pictures that look like Christmas.  We decided since Doug and Drue won't be coming back from Colorado for Christmas, we would have a grab bag gift exchange.  I thought it was fun and hope everyone did too.

Dan's brother Paul and wife Janice came down  around 5:00 for a visit.  They had their middle child, Tara and her husband Danny with Layne, Emery and little Guy.  Then our long time friends Sue and her son Blake stopped by.  Good

Here is the link to my pictures.  I set it up a little different this time.  They can be viewed by scrolling down.  The last picture is a little movie and has to be clicked on to open in another window to play.

Saw this sight often out the window