Thursday, November 08, 2018

Missouri Color Trail - Wine and Meramec River

It is Octoberfest and we are near Hermann so wine it is.  Stone Hill Winery is close by so we make sandwiches,  buy a bottle of wine and enjoy looking out over the city of Hermann while we enjoy the lunch and view.

Most of the wineries in the area have entertainment but we just head on east to New Haven and Robller's.  It is a beautiful location and Robert and Lois Mueller, the owners, always plan a fun afternoon.

Before we drive up the long driveway to the winery, we stop in town to look for a geocache.  This is the second time we've tried to find this elusive treasure.  We know it is there because someone found it two days previous.  As I think about it as I write this, I wonder if it is under that bridge instead of on top...

This Saturday afternoon Mark Moebeck, a singer/songwriter from the St. Louis area is already playing when we arrive at the winery.    We laugh, sing  and even dance along with Mr. Mark all afternoon.  He never did take a break.  He even threw in plenty of Irish limericks that only got funnier as the afternoon and his bottle of wine waned. 

Since the afternoon was so much fun, we didn't get away until after 5:30 pm.  As we headed south, the sun set through leaves every bit as colorful as any trip through the Blue Ridge Mountains.  We arrive at Meramec State Park after dark.  The lady in the booth asked if we wanted to be a part of the Halloween party.  I said I didn't have any treats so she put us in the back corner of the park.   What a fun weekend for young families though.  Campers and tents were decorated and little ones were all over in their costumes. 

The morning sun brought a pleasant surprise.  The trees were beautiful.  We unloaded the bikes and spent several hours riding around, picking up big black walnuts for our neighbor back home, and taking a freezing cold shower.