Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Missouri Color Trail - Rocheport

There was talk around the house of a fall roadtrip.   We check the calendar, watch the forecast and finally decide Friday, October 26 is the day to get on the road.  The next few posts will be of that trip.    We inadvertently chose a perfect time and it took me a bit to get over my disappointment in forgetting my good camera to capture the colors.  Still we are never without a camera so all pictures are from my iphone 6.

I should get a picture of our cat when the PW parks in front of the house for loading. In fact, if I would have thought of taking one, I probably would have remembered the camera.  She knows something is up and spends the entire loading time pacing around.  Eventually, our house on wheels is loaded and Laura the cat is sulking away to the barn around 3:00 pm.  Which, puts us in the middle of Friday traffic in KC.  

By the time we made the east side of KC and stopped for a Hardee's burger (a little greasy but delicious) we decide the Rocheport Katy Trail parking lot would make a perfect overnight stop.  Surprise!  The lot is full of cars.  There is a new trail side restaurant and it is doing a great Friday night business.  We find a place off to the side and darken down the windows for a stealth night hoping the new place serves breakfast.

After a quiet night's sleep, we peek out the window to see the Meriwether Cafe and Bike Shop open and busy.  Follow the link to read how Brandon and Whitney Vair moved to Rocheport to begin their family in a small community and follow their dream owning a small business.   If a busy parking lot means a good restaurant, the Meriwether Cafe is an excellent example.  The owners are friendly, the service is great and they even have an electric bike among their rentals.  Of course, we have ours with us.  We definitely need to ride the miles afterward to work off our shared meal of delicious scone, muffin, pancake, bacon and eggs.  

I have shared pictures from the Katy Trail many times, but cannot visit this area without a few again.  We get our first taste of the beautiful colors ahead.