Thursday, October 04, 2018

O’Haver Lake near Poncha Springs CO

O’Haver Lake is 9,200 elevation,  15 acres, stocked with trout and  simply stunning in the fall.   So our September reservations had to be made well ahead of time.  Thank you Drue for getting in on time to sign us up for one of the most beautiful sites on the lake.  To our front, is the lake and all the activity there and to our back is 13, 971 foot Mount Ouray.  It was a perfect weekend with mild weather during the day and campfire weather at night.  Had we kept all the trout we caught, we would have enjoyed a nice fish dinner. 

Below is a link to pictures taken during the weekend.  Click here or on the picture (remember the little sideways arrow above the larger picture for a slideshow).   The cattle in the picture managed to get out and seemed happy to look around the campsite.  You will see Gunner and Eve enjoying the water but really loving  kayaks.  It was a wonderful weekend.