Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Dan's Hummingbirds

Yes, these have to be considered Dan's Hummingbirds.  His daily chore all summer has been to refill at least one of our two feeders. (Yes, they empty a feeder a day)  All of us who sit at our dinningroom table watching the antics of these interesting little birds appreciate his diligence.

We started with four hummers this spring.  As close as we can tell, we are up to ten or eleven.  It's hard to count them with all the darting in and out.  Most of the day, they go from the clothesline to the feeder and back.  Sometimes they fly around the front of the house where there are flowers.  The Cannas are blooming and I see them flying over to those bright red flowers as well.

The other night, one of the feeders was empty.  I stood up near the window and one of the hummers flew up to the feeder and sat on top of it and looking in at me.  I've seen them "tell us" the feeders are empty before.

We never buy the commercial juice. It is expensive and the red color is not good for the birds.  Dan heats one quart water and 1 cup sugar until the sugar dissolves, lets it cool and fills the feeders and stores the rest in the frig.

We are looking for them to take off any time.  They are almost always gone by the middle of September.  Last year we had a warm fall so they stayed around a little longer.  We will miss them.

One last hummingbird story.  Kim and family are moved into their temporary home.  It is in a fairly large subdivision.  Although there is no sigh of bird feeders visible from their back windows, there are probably some around.  We were sitting in their dinningroom and Dan was nearest to the window.  Suddenly, up flew a hummingbird, hovered there and looked in the window at Dan.  Finally it flew off.  They have not seen it since.  You can tell me those little ones don't talk to one another.