Thursday, August 30, 2018

Thoughts while gathering for a garage sale:

It amazes me how I can overlook items on a shelf that I seldom use. I have found myself standing in closets the past few days and making a real effort to think whether I really need what is in front of me.

I find it very hard to get rid of music and movies. I have vinyl, tapes, and CDs. Even though most music is streamed now days, I am still clinging on to this outdated way to listen to music. I am making better headway with the VHS tapes. Still, I was checking to see if a television we are selling works and popped in Grumpier Old Men. We laughed until we cried at this 23 year old movie. (Worth watching just for Grandpa Gustafson played by Burgess Meredith.) Still, I am sure that movie is still available without keeping a copy here at home.

I have a set of Pfaltzgraff dishes I don't use anymore. They were given to me by a friend of my Mom's when they had to downsize because of health. Their fate is still not decided[--I waiver back and forth. They do take up a lot of room but they are classic. Might have to wait until the next sale to make a decision.

Then there are purses. Everyone knows how much I like handbags. I seldom pay full price, but am a sucker for sales and used clothing stores. Amazingly, I have quite a pile I am selling.

While Kim was here, she and I experimented with an Instant Pot (more on that another time) Because of the convenience of this new appliance, I am selling my small pressure cooker. Some appliances just fall out of favor or are reinvented. Definitely need to free up space in my cabinets by getting rid of my electric skillet which hasn't seen the light of day in years. It has been replaced by cast iron--some trends in cooking are circular.

Then there are toys. Last week, I went down the basement and boxed most of the remainder of our kids/grandkids toys thinking it is time they make another young person happy. Today, I took some back out and put them in a box. I decided a home should never be without a few toys for little ones. A few barn yard animals and a little barn, Mattel Rescue Heroes and a couple puzzles will occupy kids just fine. Legos are bagged and on their way out. I am not sad to see them go. They can't be played with without dumping them all over the place.

Very few clothes are going into the garage sale. There is a place in Topeka called God's Storehouse that does a good job of repurposing clothes. And, the Salvation Army is starting their coat drive soon. My clothes are not that special.

Dan is having a hard time gathering things. There is a plan to have a specialized garage sale with only tools in the future. He has a lot of them from his years of working in construction.  A project for winter.