Thursday, June 21, 2018

North Carolina Swim Meet

The main event for everyone making the journey to North Carolina was Aaron’s graduation.  It was a fun day with good food and conversation.  I think Aaron is experiencing joy and elation at his graduation from high school but also somewhat apprehensive of the future.    I would like to tell him there is no hurry, that he should enjoy his youth and freedom.   I feel confident he will do that and work out his life’s goals in good time.

Kim wanted to do a little shopping in the afternoon.  Bedding is a hard one to figure out.  There just isn’t a way to “try it on” to see if it works.  Or is there…


In addition to graduation day, we also attended Adam and Evan’s swim meet at the pool in their living area, just a couple blocks from their home.  Swim meets are exciting for a few seconds and then wait.  So we had time to visit with Marc’s parents and enjoy pizza provided by Kim and Marc.

This all took place on June 12th, Dan and my anniversary.  So, that is the reason you will see our mug shot in the pictures.  Here is the link or click on the picture below.