Saturday, May 19, 2018

It’s all good here

What a a better way to end a busy week than to have our oldest grandson, Aaron, home from North Carolina.

He is here to spend a couple days with friends who are graduating from Shawnee Heights.  We are traveling to North Carolina in June to celebrate his graduation from Green Hope High School in Cary. 


IMG_0411Two recent pictures of Aaron.  We had to get the cup out like we always do when the grandkids come home.  We got this cup when he was a toddler.

Love this prom picture.

This is a bumper year for Carpenter bees.  Carpenter bees might be mistaken for bumble bees only because they are about the same size.  Thankfully, they are not aggressive.  The males don’t have a stinger and the females will only sting if harassed according to internet information.  We’ve harassed them plenty and still never been stung.

We started an all out assault on them about a week ago.  Our main weapon is a fly swatter or a bigger tennis sized paddle.  They have a tendency to hover if you watch them long enough.  We estimate we have killed around 80 to 100 bees this week.  The reason they love us so much is probably because they love redwood, like our redwood decks.  They like to drill holes in the wood to lay their eggs.  The sound of the bees and the drilling drives us both nuts.  Just when we think we have made a dent in the population, there seems to be more.  Dan came up with a effective means to get them by loading small shotgun shells with cuscus (little tiny pasta).  It worked great for the higher reaches in the barn—he is deadly.

I know they are pollinators.  And, that’s good.  But, I wonder if they could do actual harm to a deck or building if left to continually drill holes. 

We are helping take care of our neighbor’s chickens while they are on vacation.  The chicken coop is humming with Carpenter Bees and there is an aggressive attack rooster to boot.  Despite all of that, those pretty hens lay a dozen eggs a day. 

All in all, it’s been a great week.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Good Morning

Just sunning in the front porch. I might not want to sit in this chair for a few hours