Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Riding Bikes in the Big City

We haven’t always carried bicycles with us when traveling.  Before the pickup camper, the dog house and our present PW, we had another van conversion, a 170 Roadtrek.  We took some great trips in that little van.  The problem was, it was too little.  Doug warned us we would wish we had a bigger size but I found this one and  thought it was perfect. 

We carried a small Yamaha TW200 motorcycle on the back.  We had some fun rides in Colorado and the Black Hills where this picture is taken.  We gave up the motorcycle for the bikes because we liked being able to ride off road on the non motorized rails to trails. (I know—the bikes—but so far they are welcome on the trails)  This is the only picture I could find of both the RV & cycle.


We almost always take our bikes with us when we travel so we had them with us on our recent Phoenix trip.  I already mentioned how much we enjoy riding the roads and trails at the Lost Dutchman State Park.  We also returned to the Riparian Reserve Water Ranch for the third time.  I previously wrote about here.  It is a fun place with lots of bunnies and birds in the middle of a big city.

This year we ventured out to the city of Tempe and the Salt River trail around Tempe Town Lake. 


By Kansas standards, this is a small lake behind a small dam on a very small river.  However, we learned from the many informational signs that this small river in the desert can become a raging river that took out several bridges before it became apparent that this small little stream needed big concrete bridges.

There are rental bicycles sitting all around the area.  Just parked here and there on grassy areas.  All you have to do to rent one is to log on a site with a smart phone and type in a number on the bike and provide a credit card for the fee and off you go. 

We shouldn’t have been surprised at the large homeless population in the area.  But, we were.

This was a fun big city ride—a long way from the curvy roads in the Black Hills on the motorcycle.

Below is the pedestrian bridge.


paddle boards and paddle boats for rent.


There was a rowing club—there were more modern boats stored nearby


There was even a waterfall!


and a beach