Saturday, March 10, 2018

The Joy of Road Trip Small Pleasures

I’ve been absent from here because we have been on a roadtrip in our little RV.  I have been collecting pictures and thinking about what I will share but until then, I want to comment on a recent post by Ronni Bennett on her blog Time Goes By.

I have followed Ronni’s blog for many years.  She is honest and articulate in her descriptions of life as an elder and life as a survivor of pancreatic cancer.   While many of her essays are about these serious subjects, this linked post is about what she considers her own simple pleasures.  I enjoyed her list as well as watching the little video she has included.

In the end, though, it was the name of her post that caught my eye as I think about our recent road trip. 

We were gone for right at two weeks to the Phoenix area and places between.  All of those nights and a lot of our days were spent in a 20 foot, self contained, converted van.   I have often wondered how many couples could spend that much time together in that small of a space.  It has not been something that we have developed recently.  We started with traveling in small spaces when we had a Venture van—what we called our adVentures.  We like the idea of stopping where ever we like, making up the bed and going to sleep.   I’ll start my list of road trip small pleasures with our Pleasure Way van.

Just because we like to travel small does not mean I will pass on a life time pleasure.  Like Ronni, I love a hot shower.  We may not stay in a formal campground every night, but when we do, I appreciate campgrounds with clean, hot showers.  I commend this Nation’s Federal parks for most often providing these clean facilities with most State Parks not far behind.

Another road trip pleasure are the small town city parks that welcome overnight campers often for free.  We have stayed at these little surprises many times over the years.  Just several nights ago, the sun had gone down and we were on I 40 in that no man’s land in eastern New Mexico approaching Texas.  We jumped off the interstate at very small town.  And, there was a little park that had a camp for free sign.  It’s like a little gift from the friendly people who live in a mostly boarded up town on old Route 66.

We consider it a  small pleasure to get to know the camp hosts that watch over the campgrounds.  They are friendly, helpful and always ready for a conversation.  Linda and her husband at the Lost Dutchman State Park in Apache Junction should win an award for the best camp hosts ever!

Finally, we consider it a small pleasure to find interesting, scenic and sometimes just odd things on the trails we go on with our always present bikes.  It might be a cemetery in an unusual place, a place to buy pop or ice cream with just a box to drop money, an unusual geocache or unusual yard art.  It might not be a National monument or beautiful work of art, but just coming across something unexpected that brings a small pleasure.