Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentines Day!

I overheard a friend at a meeting this morning say that she had a busy day because she was headed to her daughter's Valentines Party this afternoon.  I remember those parties well, our kids and grandkids.  Even though it's been 60 some years ago, I remember our little grade school parties clearly.

Of course, I've mentioned before that Dan and I went to the same grade school--a one room, rural school with 12 to 18 kids and one teacher.  Valentines Day was always fun as was any celebration.  With so few kids, we celebrated everything.  The poor teacher probably needed the break.

Today, I spent a little time digging through a box of old things in the basement.  I found the Valentine I was looking for.  Two things were a little different than I remembered.  First, the Valentine was to "Linda Gfeller" from "Danny Hanney."  Writing the last names is funny because, as I said, we were all neighbors and knew each other from birth.  Second,  the writing is Dan's mother's.  So, I'll have to hang on the thought that Dan picked out this cute little card just for me and his Mom wrote on it for him.  He says he doesn't remember--doesn't sound good for special thoughts from Dan but his Mom always liked me so that makes me feel good too.