Thursday, February 01, 2018

Eclipse Twofer

Last August we actually did a roadtrip to Missouri for the solar eclipse, which due to my lack of blog posts can be seen by scrolling down.  It was a great last minute decision.

Just to make sure I didn’t oversleep for the super moon eclipse yesterday, 01-31-2018, I set two alarms.  I even programed the coffee to be done so I could watch out our bedroom window with a cup o’ joe.  It was impressive, but not nearly as much fun as several months ago.  Here are the best of my attempts at getting a photo. 

Through the bedroom window with what I think is a tree branch.  Shows some of the “blood” color.


Stepped outside on the deck hoping for a clearer view but not as interesting.

P1000793Just about gone

P1000825-001Finally, in this picture, I set the camera on automatic and it changed somehow to a daylight view and this actually was the full eclipse. 


Monday, January 29, 2018

Man’s Best Friend

We’ve had many dogs over the years.  They’ve all been special especially our last Skylor the Boxer.  We’ve made the decision not to get another dog while we are traveling.  A lot of people travel with pets, but our little PW is barely big enough for the two of us.  It would also be different if our kids lived nearby. 

I mentioned Laura Kitty a few days ago.  She was trapped and nurtured in Kansas City.  Usually these cats are released back to their neighborhood to help keep rodents in check.  Laura Kitty came to us instead.  She is still very jumpy.  I only have to clap my hands and she takes off.  She is not a house cat, but this time of year, we open the kitty door into Dan’s shop at night.  During the day, we open the shop door and she slips in to lay in a chair by the stove. 

She is not supposed to come upstairs.  I was watching the news at noon and  I looked over and here’s what I saw. 


She adores Dan.  I’ll look outside and there she is following him around.  He feeds her and until Boots came around, he was her main person.  Dan is sound asleep in this picture but I told him I wouldn’t put that picture on the internet.  I had to show this cropped one, dirty work jeans and all.  Too cute.