Thursday, January 11, 2018

Hey! Hey! Anyone out there?

Sitting down to write here on my blog is like pulling up a chair to visit with an old friend.  That's odd, you might say, you've been completely absent for four months.   I was asked recently why I was not keeping my blog up anymore.  Here is how I answered:

I started writing Linda's Backroad Musings especially for our kids and any friends who might check in.   Those years I drove the mail route, there was always something going on out on those 90 mile gravel road days.   Now that we are retired, our life doesn't seem nearly as interesting.  Social media is popular among my friends and even former bloggers, so I thought I would  put something on Facebook once in a while rather than here.

I like social media and find myself checking there more than once daily.   Friends post often with nice pictures of what is going on in their life.  In these posts, I see some of the same topics and interests I put on my blog, including vacation pictures, grandkids and food.
Here's the deal, though--I don't feel comfortable with Facebook.  My posts show up on my friends' feeds whether they really want to see what I'm doing or not.  If I do put something on Facebook, I feel the responses may be forced because I have  nice friends and I don't like putting them in that position.   Finally--and this is a big one--our kids either don't like or never check Facebook. 

Over the Holidays, Doug said that I should either start up my blog or shut it down.  I've given that some thought.  And, as I said at the beginning, when I sat down to write, it felt good.  So, here's what I am going to do, I will put new stuff up on my blog twice a week.  Right now I'm planning on Tuesdays and Fridays. That way anyone who might actually still be checking my blog will know when I'll be posting.  There may be exceptions such as when we travel and then I may just put something up when I have a chance.

There you go--I'll be here.  If you want to know what's going on check in.  I'll be checking social media but I've decided this blog is still my passion and I will not abandon it again without letting you know.