Monday, July 31, 2017

July 4th Weekend

We feel so blessed that all the family could be together over the 4th weekend again this year.  It is quite an accomplishment to get here.  We can’t thank everyone enough for making the effort. 

We managed to have  some quality time in between fun activities.  We started with the pond again.  Aaron’s special friend Cameron who is also from North Carolina,  wasn’t so sure about the pond.  But, it wasn’t long before all were in, despite—well, it is a pond and Cameron was a good sport.   We didn’t get the dock done as we had hoped, but it helped that we had a tube.   And, the kayak.  I don’t usually put pictures of myself in these slide shows, but I have to admit this one is  just too funny not to be included.  I have no idea why I have socks on…  Don’t miss the expression on Drue’s face and Dan’s effort to get me launched. 

Speaking of Dan, he celebrated number 73 on June 30th.  Evan covered my lack of candles.  The Switzer hit the water and Kim and Drue got to ski before we had a prop failure.  In between it all, we made taffy!

Fishing was a lot of fun.  I think everyone caught plenty.  Note that Cameron caught the biggest fish—at least when I had my camera handy—and Carly did finally kiss a fish.  Well, not exactly, but at least held hands.

We couldn’t have chosen a better Royals game.  Lots of hits and scores.  Marc almost caught a foul ball.  And, Kim and Marc got tickets that were in the shade the entire game.  We even tailgated before the game!

So, as usual, click here or on the picture.  I like to hit the little arrow on the upper right side of the bigger picture for a full screen slideshow when you reach the SmugMug site.  However, enjoy however you like.  You won’t see a picture of all of us together.  You’ll see a lot of Evan—a master photobomber.   And, I missed little Eve, the wiener dog.  Oh well, there will be a next time.