Monday, March 06, 2017


Our kids always like to say we "made" them pick up rocks.  It is true, they did pick up rocks, as did our grandkids.  The reason is each year the neighbor who farms our small acreage goes through with his implement and rolls out more rocks.  Maybe the new machinery is built to farm over the rocks, but we feel it is good stewardship of the crop land to keep working to clear it.  

Thank goodness we don't have to cover the entire field, it is just the part that drops off to the south where the rock ridge begins to surface.  This is the second week we've been working on the project.  We don't exactly tear it up out there--four loads of our little trailer a day.  Today we dug up some big ones.

 A big storm came through this evening, but mostly north of us.  There were wildfires west of Topeka as well.  The Wildlife & Parks have done a lot of burning in the valley, but they are ultri careful. Dan has been wanting to do some burning, but its very dry in addition to the wind.  It's early so we will wait.