Sunday, February 19, 2017

Hiking in the Valley

These early warm days of winter when ticks are hiding are perfect times to hike around in the valley behind our house. 

Valentines Day was a little cooler than some we’ve had lately and a light coat felt good.  We started at a point that we look at daily from our window.  It seemed odd to look back.


First, down over the valley ridge to the well.  We always check it out when we are hiking in the area.   It is a mystery why this old well has been left open like this.  When the farmsteads were being dismantled for the lake, it was a big deal that all wells be sealed. 


Then we headed cross the floor of the valley and back up the ridge to the old farmstead.  The trees are taking over and it’s getting harder to figure out just where the house was located.


There is the hint of a foundation for a pole shed with a small pen where Dan is standing.  In 1978 when the dam had just been closed and this upper flood easement land was not regulated, we would ride horses down around and through this area.  I think I’ve written before about how, in this corral area,  k pot weeds were higher than we were on top of our horses.  Times have changed—no pot, unless you find an old cooking pot in a dump and no horses, atvs or vehicles allowed off road in this Wildlife & Parks land.  Probably just as well.

We circled around back to our starting place, passing two hunter’s lawn chairs, one with a big hole shot through the back (yikes). 

This is always an interesting walk because there are  ghosts of time past.  We also feel that even though this is public land, there are few that make their way through here.  I think that is why those lawn chairs seemed  out-of-place and a bit unsettling.