Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Birthday Spiraling Away

I have always liked birthdays.  It is an excuse for a party—always a good idea.  But I have to admit I am somewhat embarrassed about celebrating mine when I am not in charge.  (That probably says a lot about me).  Anyway, February 4th was actually quiet.  Dan and I were invited to Paul and Janice’s for supper.  A perfect celebration.  But, the next day I got too much attention at church and then several friends wanted to go out to Texas Roadhouse for lunch.  I  think I would have refused had I known they were going to make me sit on a saddle and then bring a whole bunch of staff to sing a loud and rollicking song.  I can guarantee there are no pictures of that going on this blog.

I did get a Spiralizer for my birthday though.  Here’s the picture on the box…


These little gadgets are really fun.

I can’t wait to do a potato like is in the bottom right corner and put it on the grill with a little oil and seasonings on it.  Kind of like a grilled potato chip on a skewer.

Here is what I did today.  I spiralized with that left hand blade one big russet potato, one big sweet potato and one big carrot.  Then I threw them in a pan with olive oil, seasonings and enough basil flavored vinegar from our neighbors who make their own to provide enough liquid to steam the whole thing.  I didn’t cook it until it was all mush but still done.  Dan said it was like eating candy.  It was good.  I have a zucchini, and yellow squash in the frig so am going to try making a vegetable soup we enjoy with spirals tomorrow.