Monday, January 30, 2017

A Thin Wall

It hardly seemed like winter today with upper sixty degree temperatures.  It makes me almost miss my days on the rural mail route when driving around with the window down was almost perfect.  The customers would be out for a little visit and the wildlife as well. 

We had a warm day like this last week.  Dan and I took that opportunity to replace our sliding door in the living room with a double french door.  We were way overdue to get this done.

When we removed the old door, this is what it looked like:


Something about seeing this big hole in the wall made me think how close we actually live to the outside.  Just the width of a wall.  It doesn’t seem like much compared with a log or stone wall.  Definitely modern insulation and air tight construction helps to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures year around. 

Our house should be air tight now.  We actually had an expert on that sort of thing check the house several years ago.  We had small drafts around several electrical plugins and light switches which we worked on.  And he told us then the sliding door needed to be replaced. 

Sometimes when we try to light a fire in our downstairs stove, we have to open the exterior basement door a crack to get a good draft.  I can hardly imagine the draft that flowed through the old log cabins with those huge fireplaces.  At least those old drafty houses had fresh air.  These warm days, I’m opening up the house to let some of the fresh air in.  But sure am glad we can keep it out when the cold air blows.