Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Turkey catchup

I did not fix a turkey the entire Holiday season.  Our North Carolina kids fixed turkey for  Thanksgiving.  It was delicious and I thankfully let them take care of that part of the meal.   By the time the Colorado kids got here on New Years Eve day, turkey was not on any of my meal planning lists.

We were in Topeka the other day and I needed to stop in for a few groceries.  The Walmart near 29th and California is an easy store to run in for a few things.  (I seem to spend way too much time looking for items in the Dillon’s store nearby).  I walked by the meat counter and this caught my eye.


Here we have a nearly 15 pound turkey for $7.44—50 cents per pound.  A Grade A hen turkey at that.  Notice also the “Best If Used By” at 6-08-18.  Amazing good deal!

If I had a growing family, I think I would have had a couple of these in my cart.  Probably should have anyway—June of 2018 is a long way off.  I’m sure our neighbor would have his smoking wagon fired up at some point and we could throw one in.

  As it is, we  have some friends coming for a meal this weekend.  So, turkey it is.