Sunday, December 18, 2016

Christmas Preparations

We were on the road for over three weeks in November.  Our visit to North Carolina and the roadtrips between were fun.  It amazed us that we found it quite comfortable to be gone so long.  Of course, that is with a big thanks to Christi for watering our newly planted landscaping.

A week after we returned, I hosted a bridal shower for our niece.  Entertaining in our home is fun, but putting up Christmas decorations can be tedious.  It helped that Dan pitched in with washing windows and hanging lights.  Actually, it was good to have the deadline.    The cheery, warm feeling of the decorations  makes me feel happy this time of year.

The warm cheery feeling has been welcome the past couple days.  Dan and I decided our Christmas present to each other would be one of those fancy indoor/outdoor temperature gauges.  Once we got it, we couldn’t wait until Christmas so its been a big deal tracking this cold weather.  Here’s what the new gadget says right now.  Notice the minus 3—it’s supposed to drop more tonight.  Looks like we have sun in the forecast, though. 


This week the winter sun will drop to its most southerly point.  Today it streamed in the south windows warming that part of the house to 80 degrees.  The thermostat wouldn’t allow it, but we talked about how funny it would be if the air conditioning would come on when the outdoor temperature barely broke zero.

We spent the day holed up, finally going out around 4:00 pm to clean off snow.  Of course, I had to take some pictures while out there. 


There are lots of visitors to a little area around the pines.  Here’s why


Christmas treats for our birds, bunnies and it looks like deer tracks as well.  Not many goodies have come out of my kitchen for us humans…yet.  This is the week!