Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Re-landscaping Phase 3

Actually, there could be a phase 4 because we only completed the painting on the front of the house.  We will need to go back and repaint some that we already completed because we decided to change the color. 


I have always like our house without shutters or trim around the windows.  I think it makes a nice back drop to the landscaping in front.  However, I  think by modern standards, it looks plain here.  And, I’m not crazy about the front door.  For now, it will not be changed. 

It also might look a little more polished without buckets scattered all along the front.  These are five gallon buckets with a tiny hole in the bottom side.  The new plants need water through the winter and these buckets make it easier for Christi, our neighbor, to take care of that chore.  Because…

There will be an interruption in any work done here for a while. We will be attending an event that involves “boats” that require rowing.  And, it will be at a place usually known for golf.  Stay tuned for that.

Happy Birthday, Carly and Kim!