Monday, October 10, 2016

North Carolina Family OK

Many weather people seemed to be caught off guard when hurricane Matthew dove inland in North Carolina causing severe flooding.  Maybe the coasts where alerted and prepared, but I don’t think the forecasters expected the huge amount of rain accompanying the storm to reach the Raleigh area, which is about 2½ hours inland.

Kim, Marc and family live in Cary, a suburb of Raleigh.  Their eight inch rain gauge ran over.  Most of the homes in their area do not have basements.  Kim said the rain ran off fairly well.  So, they escaped with no damage, including not losing their electricity. 

On Saturday, the Triangle Rowing Club had a regatta at the Head of the James in Virginia. It was not called off.  Kim said it rained the entire time and turned the area into a mud mess.  Still, Adam ends his race with a smile!