Thursday, October 06, 2016

Surprise Visitor!

We were having our usual quiet Sunday when I got a call from our niece, Denise,  in Alabama.  “Hey, she said “I’m thinking about a road trip.  You’all going to be home on Tuesday and Wednesday?” 

Come to find out, she got up on Sunday morning and just took a notion to take off on an over 2,000 mile roadtrip on her motorcycle—by herself.  She starts a new job on Monday and she decided it was now or next year.  I am so glad she decided now.

She arrived yesterday afternoon but not before a small rain storm caught her on I70.  She was just a little damp when she arrived but didn’t want to stop and put on her awesome, made for motorcycles rain gear.  (Amazingly, she hasn’t needed it since she started)

So, after a dinner with Dan’s brother, Paul & Janice, she spent the night and took off mid morning for Abilene to visit more relatives.

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit.  Her free spirit always has been and still is a joy.