Friday, November 18, 2016

Savannah Valley Railroad Trail and Doodle Rail to Trail

We left Petersburg Campground Monday morning.  The rain and cool weather of Sunday cleared.  However, smoke from the Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina mountain wildfires lingered all day.  As we moved north and east from the Augusta area, the smoke was bad enough it made our eyes burn.

Our first stop was the Savannah Valley Trail, McCormick County, South Carolina

IMG_3793 The Savannah Valley Trail, as many of the rails to trails, are on the beds of railroads used in the 1800s and early 1900s to transport passengers and goods.   The Savannah Valley Railroad connected travelers and goods to Anderson and Charleston South Carolina.  At the lower portion of the trail where we started, the ride was rough with a lot of tree roots.  We enjoyed the trip, though.  We did not drive between the lower and upper portion—it will be nice when the trail is connected. 

This is called a Whistle Post.  They are more than 120 years old and their codes told the engineers what whistle warnings to blow and when.


This is an old spring house just off the trail.  I have to admit it was more than a little spooky with the water inside.


The Doodle Trail is a 7 and half mile rails to trail between the cities of Easley and Pickens South Carolina.  It was named “Doodle” because the Freight engine could not be turned around and had to run backwards from Easley to Pickens looking like a doodlebug.


It was built in 1898 and actually ran until 2013, hauling a wide variety of commodities between the cities.  It is a paved, well cared for trail.  Dan didn’t ride this one so he dropped me off and picked me up at the end.  Here is an example of an abandoned mill along the trail—an example of past manufacturing in the area.


One reason we like traveling in the PW is the bathroom we carry with us.  This day, we were particularly glad we didn’t have to use this roadside facility.


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