Thursday, April 21, 2016

South on Hwy 95

We were looking forward to seeing Savannah, a city so many friends have told us we should visit.  Normally, I would just pass by the journey part and get right to the destination.  This time, getting there might be of interest.

We knew there was a tire problem.  There seemed to be a “bump” on the right front tire. An inspection in Kim & Marc’s driveway seemed to varify this.   So, we thought we would just spring for four new tires before we left Cary the next morning.  One problem, no one—absolutely no one, had the tires we needed.  These are special order, hard sidewall tires especially made for an RV.  A tire shop did say the bump didn’t seem that bad.  We didn’t ask if that meant we could drive  over 1,000 miles home.  We just assumed it.   (As you know, I am back dating these posts and we did make it home)  The problem with something like this is it is worrisome.  It makes the travel a little less fun.  So, there was that.

We traveled down southeast on I40 and then caught I95 south to Buies Creek where we decided to hop off for a bite of lunch.  The first little cafe we came to was “Hot Dog and Hamburger Heaven.”  Now, this is what small town eatn’ is about!  Kim said we would have to get outside the Triangle to “hear” the real South. She was right.   The gentleman who took my order would not have it but that I order coleslaw on my burger. And, there was no asking—the tea was sweet.  He also knew  everyone who walked in the door by first name.   Always enjoy  hometown cafes.

Little did we know that there was someone further down the line at Florence, South Carolina who could make our worries about our tires laughable.  And, he had his own RV!


We stopped by a gas station near a Walmart, then decided to run in after something we needed.  We happened to park right in front of Jim’s CannaBus.  If you study this picture for a while, you will find it more and more strange.  Like, what is that thing on the ground along side of it.  And, what about the crosses?  If you do go to 420 there is a video that tells it all!   (It’s long but you’ll get the gist right away)   It looks like he got on the wrong side of the law in Emporia, KS, though.  Basically, he is driving to Washington DC with a petition to legalize—yep, hemp because you can drive using the oil.  I learned if you let a vehicle run in a closed up garage on hemp oil, it won’t be fatal you’ll just get high.  Who knew?

Finally, on the road again, there were no further stops until we wound our way into Savannah.  By this time, it was about 5:45 pm.  I had read the city allows overnight RV parking in the Welcome Center parking lot.  But, when we arrived, everything was closed and no RVs in sight.  We spotted a lady in the exit toll booth closing for the night.  It was our first taste of the Savannah friendliness.  She said, “Sure, you can park overnight.  It’s just $8.”  We were thankful because there was no Plan B.  

And, we felt safe with this parked nearby!


Then we walked across the street to downtown Savannah and had a  drink and delicious meal.  All is well!



Shrimp PoBoy with Sweet Potato Fries!

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