Wednesday, April 20, 2016


It is always fun to visit our families.  Since spending time with them now means a roadtrip, we look forward to putting our rubber to the road both east and west from Kansas.  And, when goodbyes are said, we know it will be for a while.  But, summer is not far away and there is a celebration planned over July 4th.  All will be here! 

Time to check out of Jordan Lake campground and take the rental car back.  Even though we are sad to see our time end, we are excited to be a part of a big day for Aaron and Adam.  Wheels!


While we were visiting, this vehicle became a new addition to the family.   (I am blank on the chosen name)  Right now Aaron is the only one legal to drive, but Adam is not far behind.  I think everyone remembers their first car so memories are made here.  Even Jojo is excited.

So, it is goodbye and then tomorrow, on to Savannah Georgia.

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