Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Where is that beer made?

The North Carolina family only had one restaurant request while here—well actually two.

Free State Brewery in Lawrence was mutually agreed on as a destination for both the NC and Colorado parents.  Dan and I opted to stay home with Carly and Evan.  The older boys were staying with friends.   We were playing post office by writing and receiving letters and the kids were stamping and delivering them.  So, we invited the “post office employees” for lunch.  I think the more Dan and I laughed the more Carly and Evan got into their parts.  What a memory.

A J’s Pizza in Topeka serves the best pizza bar none.  That is according to the North Carolina boys.  So, we all went there for lunch.  I will agree that it is good pizza.  The beer is served in glasses that are obviously acquired from places throughout the United States.  I ordered Boulevard Wheat and it was in this glass.  I almost asked if I could buy it. 


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