Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Mismatched but I like it

I checked “mismatched” to make sure I spelled it right and the sentence they used to illustrate the meaning was, "funky mismatched chairs and tables.”  Perfect.

Normally, I wouldn’t be posting pictures or writing about our bedroom furniture. Since it spent over two weeks in our livingroom where anyone coming to visit had full view, it seems a little less personal.

Two pieces in our bedroom are my Mom’s.  I think she told me her age when she received the furniture, but I can’t remember.  She was born in 1915, so if she was 10 years old, the manufacture date would be around 1925. 

It is walnut, not solid but veneer. 


I think it has an interesting look.  We have never used the headboard and footboard because they are made for a double size bed rather than queen. 

Then we have a piece of furniture Dan made in high school.  It is solid walnut.  It doesn’t fit with mom’s furniture at all.  But, I like it.  And, it is functional.

To round out our “funky mismatched bedroom” is a bed frame from Ikea.  It is black so doesn’t look too bad in a room with 1920’s and 1960’s furniture.  We do not have enough storage in our bedroom for off season clothes.  We have packed those clothes in totes and stored them in the basement for years.  This bed frame has four drawers which allows all clothes to be stored in our room. 


There you go, more than anyone would ever want to know about our bedroom furniture. 

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