Saturday, November 14, 2015

Remember the time we were driving down I 70 and passed a horse in the back seat of a car?

Horse 1

We traveled to Abilene today for Dan’s cousin’s farm sale.  Somewhere around the rest stop at Maple Hill, we passed a car and Dan said, “Did you see that horse in that car?”

I said that I did not, but we had to stop and let the car pass so I could see for myself. 

Sure enough!!

Here are two more to get a better perspective. 

Horse 2

Horse 1

Friday, November 13, 2015

And the leaves come tumbling down

This morning is was something like low thirties here.  The thermometer  is nailed on a tree outside the bedroom window but it’s hard to read  when I first get up.  The reason its hard to read is because I usually haven’t located my glasses.  It would help if I put them in the same place each night, but I don’t and that probably tells a bunch about my personality but that reflection is for another time…. 

Anyway, the hard freeze started the leaf rain as soon as the sun warmed the air, especially from the silver maples in the front yard.  Amazingly, this year we were ready for the cold.  Dan tilled the garden the other day and, as I said earlier, we’ve already winterized the camper.  There’s plenty of wood for the stove at the back door as well.

We ran some errands today and parked under a tree.  When I returned to the truck, I couldn’t help but snap a picture of the little leaf.  I have no idea how it got stuck there.  I picture it drifting slowly down and landing just so.  FullSizeRender

I hope this picture makes you smile, because there are a lot of sad happenings in the world today.

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Early Thankfulness

Today we celebrated the four Hanney brothers with an afternoon of memories and current happenings.   A big thank you to Paul & Janice for planning, hosting and serving a delicious meal.

Here they are—the oldest 76 and the youngest 67.  Always a lot of laughs when these four are together.