Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Mayfly Madness


Life was even shorter than a day for most of these Mayflies.  This was taken around 10:00 at night.  There is a light above the garage door.  Light must be an overwhelming draw because they fly into it to their death.

Maybe they don’t call them Augustflies because it is not a glamorous name.  They are certainly thick around here right now.  There was a story on the internet on how they were ankle deep on a bridge over the Mississippi River which made it as slick as ice.  According to one source, they do tend to hatch from the water in large groups.

Last evening  the kitchen window was covered with Mayflies.  I actually saw a tree frog try to eat one. 

What with the deer eating the tomatoes, the bunnies eating the green beans, the cat eating most of the mice and leaving the rest by the door and the tree frogs eating the mayflies, there is real drama around here this summer…