Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Crawdad, Crayfish or Crawfish

In New Orleans it was mostly Crawfish—maybe Crayfish in fancy restaurants.

In Kansas, this is a good ole CrawdadIMG_2481We should have put something beside it for comparison.   I am sure I’ve never seen one this big here before.  This big daddy came from Shawnee County but went down to the new pond to live another day.

Monday, June 08, 2015

A Different Kind of Colorado

Couchsurfing.  That is sleeping on different couches while traveling .  Definitely for the adventurous.

Doug, Drue, Trent and Carly did more than give up their couch—they “rented” their entire home to a family for a week.  The occasion was the Air Force Academy graduation just down the way.  This was their first time and, according to them, their last.  It is a lot of work getting ready, not to mention the week in their camper.

Enter Nana and Papa.  Since this really wasn’t a vacation, we drove the PW out to stay with the grandkids during the day while Doug & Drue worked. 

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park and Campground at Larkspur, just north of Monument is  a “destination” campground.  We arrived on Tuesday morning, checked out Saturday morning and only left twice and that was to eat at Larkspur Pizzaria and Café.  (Highly recommend that café—especially the imported from Minnesota Walleye on Friday nights)

First thing each morning, we traveled to the Ranger Station in our golf cart (resisted but caved to pleas to rent when we also grew very tired climbing the hill to our camp space on top) to pick up a daily list of activities.

It took us three days to find all the “special Jellystone geocaches” with three real GPS units.  One was near here, Trent & Carly climbed, we didn’t.


The camp was located in the foothills, but still scenic.


Behind Carly is the Frisbee Golf Course.  Here they are mowing that area.   Actually in this picture they were grazing the railroad right of way!!  Most of the time they were up on the course.  They had a herder with a crook herding stick.  Although most of the time he was traveling around in his golf cart.


We shot off air rockets that went surprisingly high.


Selfies, pictures with Yogi and around the campfire (think Trent should have been in the bathroom in that one).





No picture of the heated swimming pool, but the jumping bubble was very cool—which will be added in the morning because it’s taking too long to upload.  OK—here it is!

Oh, the kids would not like me to miss these special friends…



Lots of fun here at Jellystone.  It’s not cheap, but worth having all the activities to keep the kids and us busy.  Thanks for the good time Kevin, Emily and Ryan!