Friday, January 09, 2015

Cleaning out the closet

For every family, there is a closet.  That one closet that houses those mystery boxes. Boxes so long ago opened that no one exactly remembers what is inside. 

Some years back, Doug and I emptied the closet and he took what few things that were his.  Since he did not particularly like to read nor did he have any dolls, there wasn’t much. 

The other day, Kim and I once again emptied the closet.  This time we left the games and VHS tapes.  Many of the games should be either thrown away for lack of completeness or donated.  I have an old VCR hooked to the downstairs television and we are going to rewatch and then toss VHS movies. 

Way back in the back was the box of dolls and books.  Well, that and the awesome giant owl wall hanging I crocheted sometime in the 70’s.  I’ll have to hang it and take a picture for old time sake one of these times.

The box of books were Kim’s horse books.  She was a avid reader and loved horse stories.  She received books as gifts and probably bought a few herself.  Her three boys tend to read the more modern futuristic stories so we transferred the books to a plastic dust proof tub and shoved them to the back of the closet for another time. 

The three generations of dolls are not pristine.  Mom’s could possibly be 100 years old as she was born in 1915.  They all show signs of vigorous hair combing.  Some of the bodies have disintegrated to the point that they were not worth saving.  This is rather disturbing…


If you can get past the fact that there is no body, the pretty little face is actually in good condition.  This was my doll.  When she was put upright, there was a little thing in her chest that said, “mama.”  We had to throw it away, though—the rubber disintegrated.

There is a hippy family the size of small Barbie dolls—the daddy has a beard, long hair and wears boots.  The momma and little girl wear long skirts and sandals.  There is a doll that has hair that grows, a Betsy Wetsie and a doll that I think was made around the time of  Queen Elizabeth’s coronation.  They all went back into the box.  There was no getting rid of anything there.  There were even handmade clothes out of feed sacks my mom made for my dolls. 

Kim took one doll—so unique that I am not sure a description would do it justice.  Kim, Marc, Aaron, Adam and Evan left for North Carolina today.  It will be a busy time with unpacking and a new city to find their way around.  When things get settled down, I’ll have Kim take a little video and send it to me.  I’ll just say this little doll transforms from a little girl to a woman in a twist of an arm!

Safe travels for our family as they make their way south and a new chapter in their lives.