Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Bayer North Carolina Bee Care Center

Bayer Crop Science recently opened an interesting and enlightening Bee Research center at their US office in the Research Triangle in the Raleigh area.  


As we know, bees are necessary pollinators.  And, farm chemicals are often pointed to as a reason for bee declines.  Bayer Crop Science is taking the pollinator/pesticide stewardship seriously. 

The modern building is beautiful.  It contains a research lab but is also loaded with educational materials including bee hives for people like me who find the bee story interesting and want to know  how to keep it going.  A pamphlet on protecting pollinators on Farms and Urban Landscapes emphasizes the need for farm chemicals to be applied as directed and with understanding of drift potential, etc.  Modern farming and pollinators must learn to live together in health.

I enjoyed the information on pollinator-friendly habitats.  They even had little packets of pollinator friendly seeds.  A few of the tips include plant native flowers, plan for a long season of bloom, include diverse flower colors and provide habitat for nesting and egg-laying. 

Here are two pictures of pollinator friendly flowers.  If you click on the picture, it will be bigger.


It’s good to know the Bayer Farm Chemicals corporation is looking out for these little tiny characters.

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