Monday, June 22, 2015

Wildflower Walkabout

I wish we would have kept better track of rainfall this spring.  The total amount has to approach ten inches—maybe more.  Both the brome and prairie hay look lush.  Right now so do the wildflowers.  So, we decided to do a little wildflower tour.

First, just a hundred feet from our house is a big patch of common Sullivant milkweed.  Anytime we drive by, it is humming with activity.  It’s a wonder there aren’t butterflies and bumble bees in this picture as well.  They are all around.


Further up the driveway we have one of my favorites—Black Eye Susan


These are all over the pasture—Fleabane Daisy


The most beautiful of all—Butterfly Milkweed



There is always one mystery.  I think we’ve taken a stab at what it is in the past.  I thought maybe Dewberries, but doesn’t match the online photo.  Help!



Pablo said...

That's sensitive briar. I have it growing crazy in the sunny parts of my woods.

Linda said...

Thank you, Pablo. The patch is growing in poor soil between the big glacier rocks. It seems to get a little bigger each year.

Kim said...

Cool pics!

Linda said...

Thank you, Kim!