Wednesday, May 20, 2015

In Memory

We made our annual trip to the cemeteries today to visit our parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles grave sites.  While it can be a time of sad reflection, we enjoy the yearly visit.   Our families are mostly buried at country church cemeteries only a mile apart in the community where we grew up. 

I have resorted to artificial flowers, the brighter the better.  We should try to get peonies started.  I don’t know of any other perennial flowers  that bloom at exactly the right time.  The rain was hard on the peonies this year.  They were blooming but often bent over often laying on the ground.

This year we visited the Alida Cemetery.  The town of Alida is under Milford Lake, but the cemetery was wisely placed on a hill outside of town.  It is in this cemetery that Dan’s great grandfather John is buried.  Dan and I have a common background in that both our families immigrated from Switzerland.IMG_2408 Here is another of Dan’s relatives with an impressive military background. 


The military service markers were not placed in the two bigger cemeteries, but these were in the much smaller Alida cemetery.  They were a bit askew so it would seem they aren’t removed from year to year.   I would like to get pictures of all the different wars.IMG_2413IMG_2407IMG_2417

I need to study more about these markers because it doesn’t appear each war has its own design at least with these markers.  Although, we did spot two marking  veterans of the Spanish American war and WWII several years ago. 

On our way home, we decided to drive through Fort Riley to the Ogden pawn shop we like to check on once in a while.  That did not happen.  The Post is secure—the two guards made that clear at the check point by what they said and by what one of them had in his hand.  Although, I will say they were polite.

Next year we will visit the Junction City cemetery and find my Mom’s parents. 

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