Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Research Triangle right now means three teams in Sweet 16

It also means the location of Marc’s new job.


As to the three colleges in the Triangle, we have visited the campus of two of the teams—North Carolina State last Sunday.  We went there to visit the University campus area and to visit a microbrewery with the promise of checking out truck food fare—a not so unusual thing to do in this area.

Our Philly’s Cheese Steak was excellent; as were the fries & of course beer. 

Image-1 (1) 

Today we visited Duke University specifically the Doris Duke Gardens.  The end of March might be a little early for most of the garden color, but the Magnolias' didn’t disappoint.  Kim and family will for sure be back to see the Discovery Garden where container gardening will be taken to a new level and the bees and chickens seemed to be a good idea.   Also the Rose Garden with its fountain and pergola as well as the annual and perennials throughout. 

Click here or on the picture, then on “slideshow” in the upper right hand of the web page.  I’m calling this display Evan’s Duke Garden Journey.


The Duke family’s fortune came from tobacco.  This picture is of one of their tobacco warehouses built in 1906.  It is now used for various organization offices affiliated with Duke University.


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